Good Injustice teams using AOB & AODS

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Arkham Origins Batman (AOB) & Arkham Origins Deathstroke (AODS) are the most remarkable characters in Injustice Gods Among Us game for Android / iOS. Everyone should agree that they're very popular in the online platform and widely used to challenge the opposition team both for DEFENSE & OFFENSE.

This post will try to put attention on fantastic articles, which I obtained from Injustice Official Community on best ways to use them, posted by the "HrnyAmoeba" community member, who is a player (a good one), like you & me.

I needed something like that, before going for the expensive Arkham Asylum pack, which costs 750,000 power credits for a single pack and includes Arkham Origins Batman, Arkham Origins Deathstroke & Arkham Harley Quinn- All very rare characters & its worth the cost. Arkham Harley Quinn has been buffed to have better stats and an improvised Passive. AO Batman & AO Deathstroke are burly already.

Remember I'd need to buy 8 packs, to fully upgrade them to Elite 7 at their ultimate forms. So it rounds up to about huge 6 Million in-game gold, total and that too for a limited time pack, that hasn't been officially released yet, but will be. Thanx to bug on Android, which has made it available early, when the game is turned on Offline.

Now only popularity of a character wasn't enough for me. I wanted to see if they will suit my battle style. For that I'd need to know what could be the best teams possible that include them both, what gears would suit them the best. Also I need to know if they suit AI's battle style, to be strong for my defense team in Online Battle Mode.

My only wish- If I could find someone who could tell whether Arkham Origins Batman & Arkham Origins Deathstroke are actually good, or just overestimated. Well, I found this all in those articles. I'm not advertising that or something, but it came up when I needed.

Everything has been beautifully segregated with headers such as Passive, stats, basic capabilities, Special capabilities, Gear Builds, Team Builds, etc. Again Thanx to "HrnyAmoeba":

Article on Arkham Origins Deathstroke by HrnyAmoeba

Article on Arkham Origins Batman by HrnyAmoeba


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